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17822 Beach Blvd, Suite 330
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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Aury Lor Holtzman M.D.                                 

Dr. Aury Holtzman was a sole general practitioner, with his own office,  in Huntington Beach for more than 20 years. Billing and collecting his patients' health insurance became impossible, so he closed his office and  worked per diem at a great variety of urgent care clinics from San Clemente to Fresno. He continues to treat a small group of specially selected patients; most have been seeing him for more than 25 years. Dr. Aury Holtzman limits new patients to carefully selected difficult-to-solve cases. Dr. Aury Holtzman may be available for consultations and/or second/third opinions. If you would like to explore the possibility of using Dr. Aury Holtzman's services, call or email. No insurance is accepted, only cash or credit/debit card.

Dr. Aury Holtzman personally has evaluated more than ten thousand  people to determine if medical marijuana could possibly be of benefit to them. It is likely you will get more than just a medical marijuana evaluation. Quite frequently, he is able to make other suggestions about your prescription drugs and/or medical treatments.  A frequent comment is, "This is the first time I was told about this by any doctor."   

Dr. Aury Holtzman was one of the few local physicians DEA certified to prescribe Suboxone about ten years ago, when Suboxone became available. He has used Suboxone for his private patients, treated patients at several drug and alcohol rehab facilities, and has worked at a methadone clinic. You want to be treated by a physician who is experienced and knowledgeable helping patients to detoxify.  In addition, Dr. Aury Holtzman has over 25 years of extremely varied medical experience. You will be seen by a caring knowledgeable physician for the safest and best possible results.

Habla Espanol: Dr. Aury Holtzman is bilingual English/Spanish. He has worked at many clinics with primarily Spanish-speaking patients. You will be comfortable in his office.


Beach Medical Center

After years of working as the head physician at other cannabis evaluation clinics, Dr. Holtzman took the opportunity to open Beach Medical Center in January of 2011. He found that too many other clinics did not operate legally, although they appear legitimate to an unsuspecting public. As a result, the doctor wanted to establish his own office for both his long-term general practice patients, as well as new patients seeking cannabis evaluations, while adhering to the most rigorous legal guidelines. All medical offices must be owned by a licensed physician and have a fictitious business name on file with the California Medical Board. We encourage you to click the link to the California Medical Board so you can verify your doctor/clinic and feel comfortable choosing Dr. Holtzman as your cannabis evaluator.

Beach Medical Center provides 24/7 patient verification both online & over the phone. We provide two copies of your recommendation so that should you choose to cultivate you can keep one with your plants & the other on your person, or simply to have a second copy on hand. We also replace lost or damage recommendation forms for free. Our knowledgeable staff has been here since the day we opened. Our professional staff will gladly provide information on local dispensaries, unique products, and website links which may be of benefit to you. We pride ourselves on respecting your confidentiality, and abide by strict HIPAA regulations. Here at Beach Medical Center we are always happy to answer questions; please feel free to give us a call at any time.