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Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: (714)375-4745   Fax: (714)842-4946
E-Mail: [email protected]

Reviews of Aury Lor Holtzman M.D. and Beach Medical Center

From Los Angeles

Dr.Holtzman office is the best! I renewed my rec here a year ago and I'm going back today to renew it again. In between that year I lost my rec so I gave the office a call and man was I surprised I was told to come on in at any time and that there wouldn't be a charge! When I did go I didn't get 1 original but 2 that was the best right there. Dr.Holtzman office is very professional your greeted with a smile never have I gotten an attitude from the staff and I've brought in patients to renew there rec here. I know that with a rec from Dr.Holtzman I never have to be worried about being verified or rejected for a non-legit rec. #1 place to get your rec I'm from L.A I first to my rec in Hollywood and I wouldn't go back there or any location in my area.

Reviewed by: freshbakedboulder
September 14, 2012

Dr. Holtzman is great! In fact, so is the whole experience! The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful. The wait is not long at all and Dr. Holtzman takes time with his patients to explain information that you might not have known regardless how long you have been a medical marijuana user.I would highly recommend him to anyone I know, based on his knowledge, great staff and reasonable prices.

Patricia W.
Huntington Beach, CA

My Doctor 3 Years!

Dr. Holtzman is always super nice and helpful! I'm about to go in for my third renewal and know it will be just as easy and welcoming as the first time! Affordable prices and the doc. is ALWAYS professional! You need a rec? Go here!

Reviewed by: LightninBoltKid 
May 13, 2012


love dr. holtzman! very friendly, knowledgable staff.
only place i would recomend going to get a card or renew!

Elisa C.
life's greatest gift is learn to appreciate.
Huntington Beach, CA



I love this office! I went there today to renew my reccomendation and the staff is very friendly and there was a very short wait. Once i went back to see the doctor I had a great time, he is a really nice guy and educated me on alot of stuff i was not aware of, being a medical marijuana user for 10 years I thought I knew everything ther was to know, but he taught me some great info. I would reccommend this office to anyone I know.

Laura S.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Santa Ana, CA

Dr. H is has extensive knowledge on the proper use of MJ. He explained the best way to smoke it, and what type to use. He takes the time to ask questions and assess, to ensure he tells you the very best regimen to follow. He gives plenty of time for questions, none of that rushing you in and out crap. Visiting his office was a good experience, he is actually a pretty funny guy too.

Nathan M.
Westminster, CA

Best around!

Dr. Holtzman was extremely helpful and diligent. Appointment was made the same day.. Doc is extremely knowledgeable, not only in cannabis, but also with my ailments.. I'm proud to have Dr. Holtzman as my MM doctor. You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by: Berfday Gum
December 10, 2011


Dr. Holtzman's office, FIVE STARS!

The office is by appointment only so I booked my appointment 1 day in advance. We were the only patients there when we arrived and we met with the doctor immediately and no time was wasted sitting around waiting for other patients.
I went in with a few friends/patients that needed a rec and we recived a discount.
The feeling of our visit was very professional and prompt.
Dr.H reminded me of how great vaporizers are, and now I am using a vape regularly.
Reviewed by: digitalsignal
December 26, 2011

Truly fine experience. Dr. Holtzman has worlds of experience and real social skills. He listens and asks pertinent questions. Unlike other clinics or doctors I have experience with, Dr. H does NOT double book. I had a very short wait and a relatively long actual visit. This doc is a class act, a good guy and a fine doctor.

Mike P. 
Huntington Beach


Dr. Holtzman is exceedingly knowledgeable and professional. No waiting, appointments are on time and effecient. Dr. Holtzman clearly has a deep care for his patients which is rare in the medical community these days! Bravo for Dr. Holtzman!! Don't think, just make him your MM doctor!!!

Reviewed by: JBW
December 05, 2011

Quick and Easy

This was a very fast and simple process.
5 Stars.

Reviewed by: Dank Nug
November 03, 2011



So I stopped by Dr. Holtzman's office today to get my evaluation done, it's a pretty easy office to locate (it's on the 3rd floor). Right when I entered, I was greeted and attended to immediately. The environment is laid back and cozy, Krystal the receptionist is pretty tight and the other guy as well! Most importantly, The Doc really helped me get a better understanding of cannabis and all the different ways you can medicate. It was a very informative and knowledgeable experience. I highly recommend dropping by and getting checked up!

Reviewed by: tocstanger
October 11, 2011

The Best!!!!

I came to Dr. Holtzman's office for my medical marijuana recommandation renewal. The waiting room was pretty awesome with Superbad playing. The front desk lady was very friendly and always had a smile on her face (not to mention a hott blonde!) I gave her my Id and then handed in my paperwork. When the doctor came to get me, I noticed that he was a very cool, laidback guy. Had a smile on his face and gave me his card. He then took me to his office and gave me a VERY thorough evaluation. He answered all my questions. Also, took my blood pressure and asked about my medical history. I am very grateful that the doctor recommanded me to use indica to help me sleep at night instead of the setiva that I was using! Also, I am going to try edibles so that I will not smoke as much. This doctor is GREAT. Unlike the other one I saw a year ago to get my first rec. My old doc signed the paper and sent me on my way. Two thumbs down.
The parking was great here and free. Easy to find and a superb experience. Plus, the website was great and I was even able to print and fill out my paperwork to save time at the office!
Reviewed by: kdimples
August 30, 2011



Saturday August 28th 2011 I went to Dr.Holtzman for my medical marijuana evaluation. I really had no idea what to expect. What I found was a doctor who was extremely knowledgable and a staff that was extremely helpful and very friendly. The doctor took my vitals and offered advice on lowering my blood pressure. I had informed him that I had broken my ankle in January and he advised me that since I have access to a swimming pool it would be good for me to do some swimming to strengthen my ankle and muscles. He gave me suggestions on less harmful ways to use medicinal marijuana to alleviate my insomnia problems. He suggested that ateables and vaporizors were a good alternative to smoking.I was impressed that he took time to explain the different types of cannibus and their uses. I never felt rushed like I do when I see my primary physician! The whole experience took less than 30 minutes and all my questions were answered without making me feel stupid which was very important to me. You can also down load all the paperwork and have it already completed which will also save you time. I highly recommend this doctor for his efficientcy and his low prices. I know I will definately be back and I would recommend him to anyone who could use cannibus to help with their medical needs.

Thanks again Dr. Holtzman and Luke for a job well done!
Reviewed by: Jopawiki
August 29, 2011

Best Doc I've Gone To Thus Far

When I first got my rec, I went to a place where I spoke to a Physician's Assistant, paid an astronomical amount of money, and then had to limit which dispensary I went to initially because certain places wouldn't take the a rec. Then I went to Dr. Holtzman's office; which has been the exact opposite thus far!

After I called and scheduled my appointment, I went to the Dr's office at the Huntington Beach Medical Complex. I went to the suite and after a brief wait, got to visit with an actual medical doctor. I talked to him about by condition, he took my vitals and discussed why exactly I was opting to use medicinal cannabis as opposed to traditional medication. He did let me know what he'd like to see me improve upon from a health perspective (this wasn't a script mill, you actually do get examined; I could stand to do more cardio) I was given my medical rec and at a price that's better than most others (anything less and I'd be worried about how long it would stay valid for.) All and all, it was hassle-free and highly recommended. If you need your rec, I don't think of anywhere else you can go that would be better.

Reviewed by: thebadone
August 28, 2011

Very reasonable knowledgable doc

I got a great deal from the doc here. Also he was very knowledgeable in regards to the mmj industry. His office was an actual doctors office. He checked my vitals also.

Reviewed by: Selisko
August 28, 2011


it wasn't just another visit to the doctors 

This was a great experience, both professional and personally, by that I mean I was handeled like a patient and a person, not asking for a hundred question, just straight to the point with health issues, but also we CONVERSATED about medical marijuana and just what I've been going through for the need to get a medical marijuana license. Dr Holtzman was very supportive and I felt like I was talking to real person that's well educated. The staff as well was very nice and cooperative, Krysten was helpful in what I needed to do before the appointment and Luke made sure I had everything I needed, information wise, after the appointment, we (Krysten, Luke, and Dr. Holtzman) even laughed about a joke. I must say, I was nervous first walking in, not sure if my problems would be able to cure with medical marijuana, but was immediately relaxed when I walked in to find the movie Super Troopers on. I had come in late in the movie and waited, then they put on Step Brothers as well, soon I was so comfortable I was talking with an older woman who was thinking about medical marijuana too. Anyways, if your looking for a quick visit, not a too 'hospital' feeling, and a very comfortable enviroment, Dr. Holtzman at Beach Medical Center is the place to go and person to see

Reviewed by: nhathaway
August 11, 2011


I've been wanting to write a comment but not quite sure how to THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUALITY TIME. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME THAT ARRIVING TO YOUR OFFICE DOESN'T FEEL SNEAKY. or LIKE i AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG; IT IS A NORMAL PROFESSIONAL AND PRESTIGIOUS MEDICAL BUILDING. I SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE WORKED IN MEDICINE FOR MANY YEARS...I simply called for an appointment and DIDN'T NEED TO WAIT and there wasn't crowds of people and there was NO RUSH. The doctor spent quality time listening to me and asking questions that are important to me as an individual. The staff are friendly in attitude and their process of policy and procedure seems impeccable. I felt safe there. If you live in the area I say this is the best bet. BUT ALSO ENCOURAGE ANYBODY TO KNOW THAT IT'S WORTH THE DRIVE FOR THE PROFESSIONAL ATMOSPHERE AND ATTENTION AND check out some of the nice collectives especially near the ocean like sunset beach: get your medicine and take in some ocean view, relaxing and friendly volunteers: By the time you leave within any five mile radius( or perameter ) which means one can go to midway or westminster, etc... or SUNSET and get back your coast of renewal or first time recommendation. THIS DOC IS PROFESSIONAL SO BRING YOUR SELF ORGANIZED...HE IS ALSO VERY FRIENDLY AND "DOWN TO EARTH". REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER WHEN ENTERING A COLLECTIVE OR ON PERSON WHILE MEDICATING. DON'T DRIVE MEDICATED OR MEDICATE IN YOUR VEHICHLE OR ANY WHERE NEAR THE OFFICE BUILDING. RESPECT...PURA VIDA LIFE IS GOOD, jackie

Reviewed by: surfgypsy
July 26, 2011

Greatest Most Down To Earth

I recently got my card renewed through Aury Holtzman and I got my original first card from him about two years ago! He is the most affordable and nicest Doctor around the OC. He always gives a discount and has always answered all my questions! I have brought a few friends and new patients to him and I know I am taking my friend Kelly very soon to get her card through him! If you want your Marijuana Card this is the place to get it.

Reviewed by: LightninBoltKid
July 07, 2011 


If you want a doctor who understands about the benefits of medical marijuana this is where you want to go .

Thanks doctor holtzman

June 27, 2011

Simply the BEST!

I can literally write a review about my favorite collectives and my favorite Dr.s that I have been to over the years, but today was just the BEST experience at a MMJ Dr. EVER! The Staff first off is just simply the sweetest and most caring I have seen! Cheryl was the lady that set up my appointment via E-Mail, and fit me in aswell as 2 others without any problems or drama. That was so easy I knew that this was the place I needed to be. The dude there is also JUST AS awsome as Cheryl as well! Sorry I forgot your name brotha, but your awsome!

Dr. Holtzman from begining to end went over my entire history of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia! He took my pulse and heart rate and began to give me an entire complete physical right then and there to make sure EVERYTHING was okay with me before we went any further. I couldnt believe how much he cared! He has answers to all my ailments and questions, and let me know that my problems WILL be solved with the use of Medical Cannabis instead of other prescribed medications!

Overall, I just wanted to thank you ALL at BEACH MEDICAL CENTER for taking care of me and my loved ones! It was a pleasure and you can bet your bottom dollar that yuou have a new client for life! Thanks guys! : )

J. R.

Reviewed by: j.reynolds
June 24, 2011

Superb Doctor!

This was all in all a great experience. Dr Holtzman was very helpful, answered all of our questions and ensured that we were very taken care of. His knowledge in the field and care for the patients is unmatched. The office staff there was also very accomodating as well. Luke was very helpful, friendly and took great care of us when we got there. As I am a caregiver for an elderly man wheelchair bound, both Dr Holtzman and Luke held doors open for us to come in and welcomed us with a great attitude and smiles. THanks Dr H and keep up the good work!!!

Reviewed by: curvy95honda
June 22, 2011

Above & Beyond

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Holtzman for several years. He is more than just a doctor - when I moved to CA, I was referred to him for his expertise as an addiction specialist. With Dr. Holtzman's close guidance, I have been able to able to discover that, for me, marijuana is just the OPPOSITE of a gateway drug - it actually prevents me from wanting or needing to use "harder" substances to deal with pain & anxiety.

Dr. Holtzman is remarkably astute, and there are no words to express how much he goes out of his way to help his patients. For example, I was very sick last week & needed to have blood work done by a lab in the same professional medical building as the Dr.'s office. The lab was far away from his office, on a completely different floor in the Medical Towers building. Although the lab could send for results of swabs & cultures, they did not perform the actual cultures onsite, unbeknownst to me. I was very ill, and instead of having me return to his office, the good Doctor actually left his office & schlepped all the way over to the lab himself to perform the culture on me.

Additionally, he called me every single day last week - including over the weekend - to check on my health status. I had been admitted to the ER last Sunday, and the doctor made himself available to talk to both myself & the hospital staff all throughout the entire Sunday afternoon & into the evening, obviously a traditional day off for any doctor.

His knowledge of medicine stems FAR beyond the realms of cannabis, unlike many of the other marijuana doctors. I am prone to seizures, and Dr. Holtzman is the only doctor I trust to handle all of my health care needs accordingly. If you are having any medical issue at all, discuss it with him; he may have a solution that even your own primary care or specialist doctor might never have thought of. As far as cannabis, what's cool about him is how he stresses the healthy ways to take in marijuana - from vaporizing through edibles. He won't frown upon you for smoking, however your health is his primary concern; he will gladly explain the healthy ways to consume marijuana without putting your physical well-being at risk. Also he knows a lot about different strains of marijuana. When I used to get migraines a lot, he told me about a particular strain of Romulan Indica that he thought would help. And he was 100% right. It has been a very long time since I had an actual migraine!!

In his office, he sells this book all about marijuana: "Marijuana Medical Handbook: Practical Guide to Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana" which provides an honest, informative account of its medical value, especially concerning symptoms related to cancer, AIDS/HIV, glaucoma, and many more ailments. The book answers questions like: What is marijuana's effect on the body? What illnesses is it suitable for? How can you administer it safely? What are the real side effects? How can you guarantee a consistent supply? What are the legal consequences? The book provides a comprehensive profile of the properties, effects, dangers, and uses of marijuana, along with a step-by-step guide to maintaining your own personal garden. It also discusses national and state laws and ordinances regarding marijuana and its medical applications. So Dr. Holtzman is not just about getting your money for a quick recommendation - he really wants you to understand & see the benefits from the medical wonder plant that is marijuana.

I cannot even begin to stress how Dr. Holtzman has changed my life through his selfless attention to my well-being. You would be doing yourself a real favor by going to him over any other cannabis doctor. You get a whole lot more than just an evaluation - you get a friend. To sum it all up, Dr. Holtzman's #1 concern is the patient. This is how medical care should be, and it is truly a blessing to call Dr. Holtzman my doctor.

Reviewed by: Seahorse420
June 05, 2011


Beach Medical Center is one of the most helpful Medicinal Marijuana doctors I've been to. Dr. Holtzman is a great doctor, offering superb care for all his patients. When in his care, Dr. Holtzman makes sure to meet all your medical needs. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely personable. I've been a patient for 2 years now, but I feel like I've been a patient of Dr. Holtzman for my entire life. He truly cares about his patients and works extremely hard to ensure that he has met all their needs. I'm sure you will agree once you meet him! In addition, the office staff is very friendly and helpful. Any questions or needs you might have, they are more than willing to help. I strongly recommend Beach Medical Center for all your medicinal marijuana needs!

Reviewed by: willabird8
June 17, 2011

very good doctor recommend to everybody

would recommend to everybody great doctor and staff

Reviewed by: pizzo20032
June 02, 2011

This is the place to go !

Professional , caring and compassionate .Just a great experience overall . Anybody who needs a recomendation this is where you want to go. 5 stars down the line , thanks Dr. Holtzman

Reviewed by: greenstarwellness
May 21, 2011

the best

need i say more

Reviewed by: hbhg09
May 17, 2011

Best DR. in OC, period.

Dr. Holtzman is by far the best Dr. I have ever seen about MMJ. Being a patient since 2003, I have been through my share of doctors and none of them have the care and compassion of Dr. Holtzman. He cares about you as a patient and as a person, which is rare to find in ANY doctor. The rates are set perfectly and the whole staff is great. Make sure you call ahead and make an appointment so you won't have to wait :)

Glad to be back to Dr. Holtzman for my 2nd year! Enjoyed my time in the office today, thanks!

Reviewed by: envious
May 16, 2011

Good Doctor's Are hard to find.

Yep!!! I rate this place A 10!!! I LIKE THE DOCTOR,Easy to talk to,Careing.I didn't wait too long and he gave me a discount on my renewal,I Like the location, It the BEST i've seen, So Why pay high prices???,I know I 'll be back and i also tell people about this place all the time.I Thank you DR.H,Hope everybody finding you ok,I wish you the Best,Beverly

Reviewed by: beverlymather
May 16, 2011


I traveled from Lake Elsinore to see this doctor so an hour each way. This was my best experience to date and I have been a patient for over a decade. The doctor was courteous and professional. I set a Saturday appointment and was in and out in under 30 minutes.

I brought someone with me who needed their own medical card which knocked $5.00 off an incredibly low medical marijuana card price ($35.00) for a year.

My renewal ended up costing me $30.00.

The first time medical card holder who went with me paid $50.00 instead of $55.00.

If I would have taken a third person, $10.00 would have been knocked off for a $25.00 total renewal cost (sweet jesus this doctor has compassionate pricing so heads up people).

It gets no better than this for a medical card renewals or first time patients. Make sure you have a valid California I.D. card. The doctor gave me two medical recommendation papers with a 24/7 website and a toll free number for patient verification.

This doctors license is VALID by the way. I checked so the doctor is legit and an M.D. registered with the State of California.

Anyway, this is a proverbial no-brainer for anyone looking to get their medical marijuana card for the first time or for a renewal.

PS ..... There are some killer mexican restaurants where I pigged out right down the road on Beach Blvd. west of the doctors office so if you are hungry, there is some kickazz grub close by ..... The menudo rocks in that area !!!

PSS ... The guy at the counter explained everything in detail and was right on his game. They even take debit cards so heads up all !!!

PSS ... See you next year and thanks again from Lake Elsinore !!! I will spread the word for sure !!!

Reviewed by Philip Rivers is GOD
May 14, 2011